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youtube ads.

youtube ads.

Youtube is the second biggest search engine on planet earth - so if your customers live there, it's a good place to start advertising.

We use video content with targeted digital strategies to reach your ideal customer and take them on a personalised buying journey. 

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zero in on the prospects
that matter to your business.

the problem.

Traditional advertising doesn't allow for direct contact with

the customers who actually matter to your business.

Once customers engage with your product, there is no way to re-target them and provide them with the content they need next to make a buying decision.


This often results in poor quality leads, lower conversion rates and higher customer acquisition costs.

the solution.

We get to know your ideal customer and create personalised video content that connects with them and solves their problems in an authentic way.

We engage your perfect customer at the start of their buying journey and nurture them through the process.

The result? A highly qualified lead for your business that wants to buy from a trusted, industry leader. Read more.

Youtube Video Production Company Newcastle

Fisheye Creative are experts at gaining attention. We craft gorgeous, professionally created video exclusively for use online. The demand for video content in the world is at an all time high. The growth of the market reflects this, with a growth of over 78% in video content marketing since 2015. Around 82% of your customers will engage with video content (whether it is in their newsfeed or on their television) but only 20% will read a piece of textualised content.

We create custom video packages to support your business, build your brand, drive engagement and tell your story. We use mediums such as Pre-Roll Video Ads, YouTube video production, social video content or any highly targeted content site that offers video advertising– going exactly where your potential customers are.

Our team of videography experts have produced over 600 videos for small, medium and large businesses in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. We create cutting edge, professional level films targeted to bring your brand’s image and identity to life. Our Youtube Ads in Newcastle are highly effective as they drive traffic from YouTube to your site and eventually turn this traffic into sales. Even if the customer does not move off YouTube, they see you as a contact point and a face of your business.

Our approach is strategic. As a unique YouTube Ad Agency, we take a boutique approach which means your business is going to get exactly what it needs. Youtube Video Production is intended to capture a viewer’s attention and that’s exactly where Fisheye Creative excels.

Expose Your Brand With Youtube Video Productions

TV is slowly dying. For 18 to 34 year olds, the average time spent watching TV has decreased by up to 31%. The time spent on online video consumption has overtaken social. As a result, this shift of attention means that online video consumption has hit an all-time high…and it only continues to increase.

With over 1.7 Billion YouTube users monthly, video sharing sites like YouTube are amongst the most visited sites in the world. YouTube itself is the second biggest search engine on the planet – a video sharing platform. In turn, this makes video content the most popular form of online content in terms of engagement, ROI and sharing potential.

Designing modern, mobile first branding through YouTube can be the most efficient way for brands to connect with their audiences. Even though your target audience is already using YouTube, mustering their attention and keeping it is not as simple as just posting a video and waiting for it to go viral. If you want your video content to resonate and communicate with your audience, it needs to be ingenious. The best YouTube ads gain the attention of the audience and begin them on a path towards purchasing. This is what Fisheye Creative are experts at – harbouring attention and fostering leads into sales.

How To Make Youtube Video Productions That Engage Your Brand’s Target Audience

Video content that is imaginative and engaging is the best way to “win the hearts and minds of their audiences and drive business results.” (YouTube, 2020) To achieve the best results from your video marketing, you need to partner with a professional Youtube video production company like Fisheye Creative. A well planned, strategically executed piece of video content can be extremely impactful to achieving brand awareness among your target audience.

Our Video Production Expert Team, based in Newcastle, delivers inspiring online video production that will attract, connect with, and convert your potential targets into paying customers. Like any business, at Fisheye Creative, we want to grow with you. This is achieved through strong branding which represents you and your team in a way that is meaningful. Once people watch your videos on YouTube, they are engaging with your brand. We utilse a strategic approach, taking a deep and meaningful journey of discovery with you to work how your brand can be best represented. By using Newcastle’s leading YouTube production company, your business will be the center of attention, reaching new customers in not only Newcastle, but the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Maitland, Port Stephens and beyond.

Fisheye Creative Are The Top Choice Agency for Youtube Advertising Hunter Valley

For the Fisheye Creative team, the film quality and tale of the end result is as important and as rewarding for us. We’re enthusiastic about gathering ideas through the influential combination of creativity and digital media – which dominate our modern society. Our online video production services enable you to tell a story through video which can achieve exceptional results.

The main goals of YouTube ads are to:

·       Build awareness and Ad recall

·       Grow consideration and interest

·       Drive action

By using the latest research and industry trends, we combine our expertise of delivering over 600 videos to local customers in order to help you engage the attention of your target consumer and hold it. Our YouTube video production packages are crucial in winning the battle with the consumer.

Influential Youtube Video Content For Business Newcastle

Fisheye Creative combine a strategic approach and years of experience to bring a brand’s vision to life through the power of video. We can assist you with everything – from a deep dive into your ideal audience, to video production, to post production, to advertising on YouTube. Whether your content is intended to be an educational YouTube video, pre-roll video advertisement or 3rd party advertisement, we’ll ensure you get the best possible outcome for your investment.

We are a leading provider of online YouTube video production in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and beyond. We work with major brands such as Audi and Westfield, local businesses such as the Lucky Hotel, De Iuliius Wines, Sage Painting and individuals such as Kate Kohler. Despite the varying industries, we help people engage their audience through online video content.

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