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how to attract more of the
right clients with
content marketing.

A live webinar designed to give trade  businesses a solid understanding of how they can leverage their brand story and insights to attract the right clients and confidently build brand awareness and meaningful growth online.

building brand awareness online
can be easy as.

Are you stuck trying to wrap your head around how you should be marketing your trade business online, tired of throwing all of what’s left of your energy after a long day on-site into your social media with little to nothing (not a like or lead ) to show for it?


As a business owner you’re busy enough, so wasting hours on marketing with little direction and success can become quite frustrating and doing what everyone else is doing isn’t the best approach when trying to stand out in an oversaturated market. “So what do you do then”… don’t worry we’ve got your back.


In partnership with NHS Trade, we’re letting you borrow our brains for an evening, in the ultimate webinar to help business owners like yourself understand how mastering your social media strategy is key to not only attracting more of the right customers that you actually enjoy working with, but also to quoting less and winning more.


It’s a formula we’ve seen implemented by countless trade businesses, and we know it works.


In this webinar we’ll be showing you how to:


  • Refine your business messaging to weed out the painful clients

  • How to structure a 12-month content plan so you can stop worrying about what to post 

  • How to create a cohesive look and feel for your brand across all your digital platforms.

  • How to leverage your existing knowledge to become a thought leader in your industry.

  • How local trade businesses like yours are using storytelling online to build their pipeline for the next 2-3 years.

  • And finally, how we put it all into practice so you can too.

Well the post paralysis ends here, here’s what we’ve got in store for you.


not sure if this is 
for you?

here are some reasons why the other half will be thanking us you did.


  • I'm already booked out for the next 12 months, I don't think I need this — I'm currently turning down work.

    That's great news, but do those jobs reflect your ideal client? Are you having to turn down jobs because of tight deadlines that could have been avoided if they knew to contact you earlier in the process?

    In our webinar we'll breakdown how to communicate your messaging effectively so you can avoid both of these problems.


  • I'm super time poor and overwhelmed as it is, I don't need yet another thing on my list.

    We completely understand and that's exactly why you need this the most. In our webinar we'll be breaking down the best workflow practices for marketing online and teaching you how to create a content plan so you can have your social media strategy on auto-pilot!


  • I've built my business on word of mouth to date, social media just isn't my thing.

    Word of mouth is fantastic, but it will only get you so far... Your audience is online, that's where they're spending their time and more importantly, it's where they are researching and making their decisions. In a world where people look you up on Instagram before they search you on Google, all eyes is on your social media marketing.


borrow our brains.

marketing strategy.

We dive into what you need to refine your ideal client, who they are and what they want, so you can confidently create  a visual representation in an easy to digest and refer back to, deck.

In addition to this we teach you how to identify your trade businesses unique selling preposition — main point of difference.

content planning.

We show you how to create a content plan that's designed to connect with your ideal customer and give you our formula to never ending content ideas that can be used for video, social posts, reels, your own webinar or podcasts, and blog posts.

case study.

We break down how successful trades have scaled their businesses to date and how they're using the tips we're going to teach you to do this.

social media.

We show you how to achieve major #gridgoals by nailing a cohesive look and feel across all your digital platforms. Plus provide you with our black-book of resources so you can easily implement on your own.


we can't wait for you to join us.