Ampcontrol aimed to elevate their recruitment strategy, not just by filling positions but by attracting top talent who align with their vision. They sought to use video and digital marketing to communicate their employee value proposition and highlight their role as innovators in the electrical engineering and power industry.


Fisheye set out to tell Ampcontrol’s story, focusing on their forward-thinking vision and commitment to putting their people first. Our proposed video assets were multifaceted:

Brand Storytelling: Capture Ampcontrol’s essence, their goals, and how they’re pioneering change in their industry.

Employee Insights: ‘Day in the life’ case studies that offer a genuine look into the life of an Ampcontrol employee, establishing authenticity and social proof.
USP Highlight: Emphasize what sets a career at Ampcontrol apart, from their innovative projects to their team-centric culture.
Fisheye’s signature interview process would delve deep, capturing the heart of Ampcontrol, paired with creative visuals of the team at work, their designs, client journeys, and the tangible outcomes of their efforts.

To amplify the reach of this content, a three-tiered digital marketing strategy was planned for Meta. This would target potential employees, re-engage interested parties, and drive actionable interest through lead generation forms.


  • Effectively communicated Ampcontrol’s vision and value to potential employees.
  • Established Ampcontrol as a leader and innovator in the industry.
  • Generated interest among top talent, positioning Ampcontrol as a prime career choice.
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the fishbowl.