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video marketing agency newcastle

brand stories.


Brand stories are an extremely powerful asset as they are unique and allow you to communicate your why with authenticity. With 61% of customers saying that they’re more likely to purchase from a brand after engaging with video, it’s the piece of content you can’t afford not to have.

Social Video.


Targeted and optimised for the audience you have and the audience you’re looking to capture, we’ll work with you to craft content that educates and entertains. We will tap into the digital footprint and social habits of your ideal customer, creating content that stops them in their tracks.

Government Messaging.


Whether the goal is to boost tourism, convince stakeholders, train staff or explain the processes and procedures of a program/ service, internally or externally video can deliver its message in a multitude of ways peaking viewers’ interest. For governments, video can be the differential for getting citizens excited and keeping them committed to new initiatives.

educational pieces.


Educational videos are perfect for breaking down dense topics in an easy to digest, retain, and actionable manner. By engaging through content that appeals to your audience’s pain points and goals, backed by a high level of hands-on expert-fueled knowledge you empower people to make informed decisions.

internal comms.


What’s more, video can break down overly complex topics into simple, easy to digest, bite sized pieces. And best of all, the information can be referred back to if needed without spending on additional resources.



Sometimes a testimonial is the final thing a customer needs to see before pulling the trigger. Although a great google review can sometimes do the trick, video testimonials have a 95% more retention rate than standard text alone.

product & service videos.


Videos consistently outperform static imagery and text descriptions alone, and this rule rings true when showcasing your product and its functionality. By combining compelling vision with dynamic messaging, your product has a lasting impact on viewers and as the storytelling around the product unfolds they are further drawn in.



Video marketing is all about sharing messages that connect, compel, and convince your audience to take the next step in their buying journey with you. Visually representing dense or abstract ideas is a power way to deliver learnings and animation can offer many benefits

the content.
Crisp, relevant, targeted, and authentic; our content is crafted with much more than visual appeal in mind— it’s scroll-stopping.

Connect with your audience and portray your story visually. By using Newcastle’s leading video marketing agency, your business will be the centre of attention and the talk of the town.

Volkswagen T-Roc


As part of the 'workcation' campaign, Alloggio aimed to attract three distinct segments: young couples, young families, and groups of friends, by

Lake Mac Tourism

Lake Mac Tourism intended to promote Lake Macquarie as an attractive destination, targeting families and couples above 55, primarily in Sydney.


Rarekind wanted to showcase their vibrant company culture during a Sydney team event, targeting potential recruits.

McDonald Jones Homes

McDonald Jones Homes wanted to highlight their product range and also provide an inside look into their team's expertise and passion.


Buildcert was gearing up for a brand revamp, celebrating a decade in business, and participating in the HIA awards.
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the fishbowl.




the fishbowl.