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Goal. Industry Leader, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness


Placement. Instagram, Facebook, Website


After noticing a downturn in the industry Orton Building knew they needed to do things differently in order to establish themselves as industry leaders in what can be an oversaturated market, thus Orton Haus was born.


By stepping outside the box and in front of our camera we were able to tell their story and showcase a more personal side to bricks and mortar.


In the initial stages of the project we determined an educational route would be the best 
for OB and from there we sat down and accessed some of the main challenges we wanted to address, myths that we needed to 
debunk and hacks we wanted to showcase were.


In this case scenario we opted for a 5-part episode series that allowed each zone of the ‘haus’ to have it’s moment in the sun.


Together with the rest of our team the narrative was brought to life.

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