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social media ads.

social ads.

With over 2 billion users, Facebook has one of the largest databases of personal information on planet earth - so if your customers live there, it's a good place to start advertising.

We use video content with targeted digital strategies to reach your ideal customer and take them on a personalised buying journey. 

zero in on the prospects
that matter to your business.

the problem.

Traditional advertising doesn't allow for direct contact with

the customers who actually matter to your business.

Once customers engage with your product, there is no way to re-target them and provide them with the content they need next to make a buying decision.


This often results in poor quality leads, lower conversion rates and higher customer acquisition costs.

the solution.

We get to know your ideal customer and create personalised video content that connects with them and solves their problems in an authentic way.

We engage your perfect customer at the start of their buying journey and nurture them through the process.

The result? A highly qualified lead for your business that wants to buy from a trusted, industry leader. Read more.

Facebook Video Ad Production


Over 60% of consumers who watch digital video, do so on Facebook. In today’s modern society, social media is an essential marketing tool for any business in Newcastle. Video on your social media channel can drastically improve your brand. 


Did you know? Mobile first video drives 27% higher brand lift – videos that are light, short and fast paced!


The creation of your video on social media means that you should convey a highly professional image…and that is where we come in! At Fisheye Creative, we are passionate about realising what is possible as video continues to grow as your preferred (and most engaging) media of choice. We are the most trusted Newcastle Facebook Ad Production Company, offering creative storytelling solutions through video and content generation.


Whether you like it or not, your business is being evaluated on the first impression you create. Your consumers are savvy and to stay in front of the competition, your social media presence should be ace! Your Facebook business page may be the first impression for some of your potential consumers, so you need to make sure you stay on top of your game.


Dominate Online With Successful Facebook Videos


Fisheye Creative is Newcastle’s premier choice for social media video production. The proof is in the pudding, as we are the first choice for local businesses of varying sizes. Our client base includes the likes of Iris Capital, Newcastle City Council, Audi Newcastle, Pacific Dunes, Harcourts Newcastle, Newcastle Empowered Wealth, Clickk Web Design, and many more brands and companies.


These companies (and more) have directly benefited from our Facebook Video Ads and other advertising video productions. We are a full service video marketing company with the team and an extremely diverse skill set necessary to create, enhance, and edit amazing productions that will truly showcase your business.


Local companies benefit from our Facebook video ad production services because of our approach. Whether they require a long 10 minute educational social media video or a short and snappy 30 second Facebook commercial, our team has it covered. We have shot over 600 videos for businesses in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Central Coast – so we know what we are talking about! 


We give you the insight when making online videos. In the past, we have found that whilst shooting commercial videos, a series of short and sharp videos can engage your audience more, as opposed to a long presentation. Every video project is unique, and that’s what keeps things interesting.


Choosing us as your Facebook video production company will help move your business forward through the power of videography. Our equipment, technology and cameras includes all the latest and best technologies that are known to produce exceptional results. Our production crew are experts in the field, with the ability to liaise with all stakeholders to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Our creative team are extremely skilled and knowledgeable – which is reflected in our work. As a highly successful production company in Newcastle, we have the resources to make truly great video, video that works for you and your business.


Facebook Video Production Company Newcastle and Hunter Valley


What makes our videos flourish is our agency approach. We are a team of strategic thinking videographers with a passion for storytelling. Our social media videos gain attention and audiences are drawn in because they want to see where our video production will take them next. Couple that with the fact that we are with you every step of the way, Fisheye Creative helps you grow and sustain your business with social media video marketing content that cuts through the noise and connects with your customer. The advantage is that you get a higher impression rate and the customer is more likely to purchase from you. A good video leads to a good first impression – making it harder for the consumer to forget about you.


Most crucially, we know what does not work…and that expertise alone can save you a lot of wasted time and money. When you need exceptional Facebook video, Fisheye Creative is the one company you can depend on to provide it.


Accelerate Your Business With a Facebook Video Ad Production


Facebook video ads created by Fisheye Creative helps you reach more people in your target audience in a meaningful, cost effective and overall better way. Your business will benefit immensely from the increased recognition this expanded reach that a Facebook Ad will bring to you. 

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