Turn your communications team into confident content creators with our hands-on 2-day workshop.
Delivered at your workplace, we’ll break down all the integral steps of storytelling and framing, give you an in-depth understanding of mirrorless and dslr cameras, and turn the complexities of lens selection, lighting and colour temperature, audio, and shooting style into easy to follow, bite sized pieces of information.

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school of fisheye.

The school of fisheye is now open for enrolment, offering a bespoke storytelling master-class for your organisation, delivered 1-1 by Jacob, our Director and Founder.
Making engaging video content is more accessible than ever and with our step-by-step fisheye-formula it’s easier than you ever imagined.

who is this for?

  • Organisations looking to level-up their communications team’s ability to produce high-quality professional content with confidence.
  • Teams who are looking to learn in the quickest and most effective way possible.
  • Communications team’s who would benefit from a 1-1 master-class that is bespoke and relevant to the kind of videos you’re looking to create.
  • Organisations who are looking to maximise the ROI on the equipment they have invested in.

video marketing agency newcastle


is now

in session.

meet jacob.
Jake is a filmmaker and marketer with over 12 years experience piloting campaigns for some of Sydney and the Hunter’s leading brands.

A true innovator and UON Alumni himself, Jacob was recently invited as a trusted advisor for University of Newcastle’s Bachelor of Communications program and works directly with the UON providing work experience for budding new talent through Fisheye. At Fisheye Jake oversees all of the day-to-day operations and heads creative direction on all our major projects.

what we’ll cover.

You’ll receive a custom gear list with our professional recommendation of equipment at the end of your workshop, along with a follow up meeting to see how your team is implementing their new skills.


Through practical and actionable insights, we’ll go over our recipe for the perfect story and the fundamentals behind it so that you can confidently produce content pieces that speak to your audience’s interests, needs, and fears in no time.

a-roll fundamentals.

We’ll start at the top, breaking down what a-roll is and how to master its execution. From framing and lighting, through to setting up the perfect background and all things in between, you’ll ace every aspect of a-roll interview direction.


To the untrained eye poor composition or slightly dull lighting can pass unnoticed, audio on the other hand, almost everyone can tell when it’s a miss. Audio is arguably the most important aspect of creating content and that’s why we’re getting technical with this one, taking you on a deep dive into the different types of microphones and when (and when not) to use each.

direction for delivery.

We often get asked how we get our interviews to come across so naturally, well we’re letting some trade secrets out in this course. From body language and annunciation to line of questioning, the difference between a free flowing and rigid interview relies heavily on the producer’s direction for delivery. We’ll be coaching you on how to get the talent comfy and communicating clearly on-camera.


What better way to master your equipment than hands on (sorry Youtube tutorials)? In our 2-day workshop we’ll take you on an in-depth breakdown of both dslr and mirrorless cameras, discussing all their features and how to maximise the magic.

basics of b-roll.

Vision is what brings a story to life and its impact often allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. In this segment we’ll discuss the art of marrying b-roll to your a-roll and how to plan a sequence of shots.

From handheld filming and gimbal swinging, to locked off camera-work, we’ll go over different types of shots you have at your disposal, talk all things focal length and depth, and of course breakdown different lenses.


The School of Fisheye is best suited to medium to large organisations with a communications team that produce some in-house video content already. Your team might be capable, but you’re looking to make video production the least stressful part of your day, with less mistakes, and better looking, more impactful content.

The course runs across 2 x consecutive days. Each day is roughly a 3 x hour block, totalling around 6 hours all up— get in touch!

Each day will be broken into theory and practical. We don’t want to bore you or your team, so we keep the information light, upbeat and easy to understand. Once we’ve gone through the information, we get busy setting up cameras, tripods, lights and audio to have some fun!


We just need access to a boardroom or meeting room with a television we can display on. Make sure your team is stocked up on caffeine and all your production gear is charged and ready to go.

At Fisheye we provide a full end-to-end video service, helping you bring your idea to life from the ideation stages through to its post-production treatment and delivery.

Although every project will have an approach unique to its requirements, generally engaging our video services will entail:

Ideation and narrative development.

This is where we deep dive into your project, the messaging and intent behind it. Fuelled by coffee and great ideas, as a team we define the look and feel, crafting a solid narrative that provides your clients with value in an approachable and engaging manner. This will form the back-bone of your vision and where interview prompts and/or scripting will derive from. At this stage you’ll be meet one of our production power-houses who will be your dedicated point of contact every step of the way.


We’ll provide you with a complete agency approach, meaning you’ll spend less time streamlining the details and have more time to focus on the bigger picture. From shot lists, location scouting, and talent casting to call sheets and everything in between, we’ll ensure a smooth process on and off set.


No two shoot days are ever alike, however we can guarantee a few things:

Your shoot schedule will be completely outlined for you ahead of the date in the form of a call sheet. This will be sent across to all parties involved pinpointing contact details, locations, and what is being filmed with who and when.

Your production team will provide you and your team with all the guidance you need to ensure you feel comfortable and confident on-camera.

We’ll keep it light and fun on-set.


This is where the magic happens. We ensure the footage is crisp and messaging is clear, leaving your audience blown away and content purpose-produced to convert. We have all your bases covered in-house, we’re talking sound design, colour grading, VFX, and a killer licensed music track. The result is an end product that not only tells a story, but also captivates viewers in the process.


We’re an agile team, comfortable with even the quickest of turnarounds. We know the importance of meeting project timelines and can work a schedule to suit your needs. As a general rule of thumb we ensure all videos are digitally delivered within 5-10-business days of wrapping production.

As long as you know what a camera is, we should be able to help!

If you don’t have a lot of equipment, don’t be shy, we just want to see what you’re working with so we can help your team get the best from what you have already. We’ll have some basic camera kits there on the day to demonstrate equipment you might not be stocked up with yet.

We recommend a minimum of 5, up to a large team of 15. If you’re not sure about numbers, chances are we can still accommodate, just ask us!

Our 2-day workshop builds practical, actionable learning that can be used by communication teams instantly. It breaks down the key steps of storytelling and production equipment functionality so that your team can confidently take their content to the next level.

Teams that have previously enrolled in the school of fisheye have found that their ability to produce high quality video was more efficient and reduced the time they spent on individual projects.

take action.
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