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city of newcastle.

a 4 part video podcast series.

a city of





episode one.

It’s all about Collaboration in Newy - just take a look at the West End, the gateway to the city.


Jacob catches up with Shane and Luke, co-founders of popular co-working space INNX. Over a coffee from The Sherwood, Shane talks about how INNX has become the birthplace of many startups, innovative businesses in Newcastle and how the city has allowed them to keep giving back.


Moving on to the local watering hole for a quick refreshment, we speak with James from Newy Tech People, a tech recruitment company who collaborate with the Newcastle Tech community to find strong local talent. They contribute to the tech community by hiring exclusively in the Newcastle area.

Finally we catch up with Moe from The Cambridge, Newcastle's oldest live music venue that attracts some of the biggest acts locally and globally. Putting local acts and vendors centre stage, collaboration comes naturally to this Newcastle treasure.

episode two.

Newcastle, it’s in the name, 'NEW' — no wonder we’re so great at innovation.


Jacob heads into our city-fringe suburbs, a Silicon Valley of sorts, where some of our biggest disrupters and brightest ideas call home.


He catches up with Ryan at Coassemble's HQ to discuss how their Unlocked Learning model is creating huge waves Australia-wide, in the States, and beyond, touching how he's leveraged the culture unique to Newcastle overseas.


From there, Jacob joins Justin from Camplify where they chat about coupling need with frustration to redefine the face of the camping and caravan industry.


Innovation goes hand-in-hand with reinvention and no one knows that better than Earp Bros.


A Newcastle institution, Jacob catches up with the powerhouse that is Earp Bros Distillery. Over a gin (or two) they discuss the different forms of innovation, staying true to your brand whilst diversifying, and how the local community keeps them inspired.

episode three.

Join Jacob as he explores the convenience of the East End. From the hustle and bustle of the inner city to the scenic walking paths of Nobby’s and Newcastle Beach, this episode is all about how this smart city keeps everything connected.

On the tram hurtling towards the East End, we speak to Trysten from Liftango who explains the importance of accessibility in a city and how Newcastle has achieved just that.


After taking a quick e-bike ride from Nobbys through to Hunter Street mall to grab a coffee we speak with the owner of the Podcast Station about the convenience of business being able to brand cast in the city. What other city could you visit a brewery, check out an atelier, record a podcast and go for a surf all in one day?

episode four

coming soon.

a city of lifestyle.


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