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brand film.

brand film.

A brand film is designed to attract your ideal customer and connect with them at a deeper, personal level.

A brand film should tell an authentic story while helping your website visitors decide if your product or service will help them achieve their goals.

turn website visitors
into loyal customers.

the problem.

The scary truth is... the average person only spends 15 seconds on your website before deciding to ditch you or contact you.

Having an SEO and AdWords strategy to drive traffic to your site is awesome, but if visitors aren’t engaged, they won’t convert into actual customers.


the solution.

The key to supercharging your website and turning more visitors into leads is by having a video that communicates your purpose and your story and answers the questions your website visitors are searching for.

Using a brand video on your website increases the chances of a visitor turning into a lead by up to 80%.

Having a video on your website increases the time spent from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. That’s more time you have with your potential new customer to understand if you’re the right fit for each other. Read more.

Video Marketing & Brand Videos Newcastle

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level and skyrocket your reach, it is time to talk with Fisheye Creative, the leading video marketing production agency in Newcastle. Fisheye Creative applies a unique approach in strategy, creating videos that engage, entice and delight your audience. We are extremely proud of the quality of our work and the impact our work has had on the businesses in which we work with.

Fisheye Creative is a full service video marketing company with the team and an extremely diverse skillset necessary to create, enhance, and edit amazing productions that will truly showcase your business.

We are more than just another video production company, we are specialists in video production in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and beyond. Fisheye Creative is a one-stop-shop for all things video production. You really can’t go wrong by choosing Fisheye Creative for your next video project.

Our equipment, technology and cameras includes all the latest and best technologies that are known to produce exceptional results. Our production crew are experts in the field, with the ability to liase with all stakeholders to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Our creative team are extremely skilled and knowledgeable – which is reflected in our work. We have produced hundreds of stunning yet successful commercials and corporate marketing videos in and around Newcastle.

We are the first choice for local businesses of varying sizes. Our client base includes the likes of Iris Capital, Newcastle City Council, Audi Newcastle, Pacific Dunes, Harcourts Newcastle, Newcastle Empowered Wealth, Clickk Web Design, and many more brands and companies.

Why Should You Choose Fisheye Creative As Your Video Marketing Service Agency?

What makes our videos flourish is our agency approach. We are a team of strategic thinking videographers with a passion for storytelling. Our videos gain attention and audiences are drawn in because they want to see where our video production will take them next. Couple that with the fact that​ we are with you every step of the way, Fisheye Creative helps you grow and sustain your business with video marketing content that cuts through the noise and connects with your customer. The advantage is that you get a higher impression rate and the customer is more likely to purchase from you. A good video leads to a good first impression – making it harder for the consumer to forget about you.

Video created by Fisheye Creative helps you reach more people in your target audience in a meaningful, cost effective and overall better way. Your business will benefit immensely from the increased recognition this expanded reach will bring to you.

We Help Solve Your Business Marketing Challenges Through Branding Video

Making video and film projects is what we do every day, and that’s our business. Our team also strives to become a part of your team. As strategic thinking partners, we want you as a Fisheye Creative client to think that our team is an extension of yours. You want better marketing and publicity and we make it our mission to help you accomplish it.

Our approach is to understand the core of your organisation, finding the DNA that drives you, your people and your business. This enables us to create compelling video content, devoted to communicate the very best possible story of your brand to get audiences excited.

Fisheye Creative is different from other video marketing companies in Newcastle. We are experts in digital marketing through film, creating effective video marketing campaigns that generate strong positive results for our clients.

Fisheye Creative - Your Video Marketing Solution In Newcastle

Video production needs to be completed properly if it is to be effective and to generate you new business. Whatever your sector, you want tangible results that you will be proud to showcase. Building a video campaign involves a number of things to cut through the noise to deliver your true brand message. Only video with true focus on quality production values will give you the excellent results you need in order to create the best lasting impression.

If you are serious about turning a vision into a reality, you need to collaborate with a local partner who understands your industry, is locally based and shares your vision. At Fisheye Creative, we prosper on understanding the people, the message and the DNA behind a brand.

Newcastle Video Marketing Production Experts & Strategic Thinkers

It’s easy to find a multitude of cheaper production companies. Whilst we aren’t the cheapest agency, we are highly experienced and showcase stunning results. Just about anyone with a camera and a good idea can start a video production agency - but it takes much more than that to produce videos and content that is worth watching, that speaks to your audience and that generates you income.

When you select Fisheye Creative as your strategic thinking video marketing service experts, you’re hiring a lot more than just a man behind camera. You’re hiring a team of experienced professionals with real world experience in a range of industries and verticals. Our portfolio is large and we have delivered hundreds of successfully completed campaigns – see for yourself with our 5.0/5.0 Google Rating.

Our clients include brands such as Audi Newcastle, Harcourts Newcastle, Sage Painting, Orton Haus and more. Whilst we have experience in commercial video production, we also work with small business owners in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Video production will help your business grow exponentially.

Promotional video media success requires audience attention. We are specialists in creating enthralling, attention getting and awareness video productions to help market your business.

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