we're hiring!

digital marketing strategist.

We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Strategist to join our growing team of creatives! 


In this role, you’ll be creating and managing the campaigns of our clients.


On any given day you will be strategizing with a client, on the tools (e.g. managing Facebook Ads, Hubspot etc) brainstorming with the team on best approach and implementing campaigns.

Requirement are:


  • A strong understanding of the inbound marketing methodology

  • A minimum of 2 years experience with Facebook Ads Manager & similar

  • Familiarity with Hubspot CRM and suite of tools

  • A solid understanding of conversion tracking, retargeting & automation

  • A logical, problem solving mindset

  • The ability to set campaign objectives, recognise data trends & find creative solutions

  • Optional: sound knowledge of design & web development

  • Essential: A can do, positive attitude and desire to gel with creatives

  • Desirable: Enjoys Mario Kart & Super Smash Brothers

This is currently a part time role with the opportunity for full time employment. We estimate 2 - 3 days per week.


the fisheye methodology.

Fisheye is a strategic thinking video agency with a passion for storytelling.


We help our clients grow and sustain their business with content that cuts through the noise and connects with our ideal customers.


We believe video should be at the core of every marketing strategy due to its ability to connect with people at an emotional level and seed the foundation of a relationship between business and consumer.


We’re a hardworking team, who are passionate about the projects we take on, which is key to our success!


We are proud of having a great work culture, a supportive team environment and a long list of clients who are invested in the Fisheye Family.


If you stumble into our studio around lunchtime, you’ll probably find us dueling it out on Super Smash Bros or chatting the best netflix series to binge!

If this sounds like you to a tee, get in touch!