Newcastle and The Hunter’s leading video marketing agency.

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We are a strategic thinking video marketing agency with a passion for storytelling.
We’re with you every step of the way, helping you grow and sustain your business with content and digital strategy that cuts through the noise and connects with your customers.

Newcastle and The Hunter’s leading video marketing agency.

Newcastle and The Hunter’s leading video marketing agency.

we work with

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can't be ignored.

Video Production Newcastle & Hunter Valley

Marketing your business is our business.

Our mission is to bring scroll-stopping video content to every brand and business, making it an accessible, easy, quick and enjoyable experience that leaves you and your customer wanting more.
With a large team of creatives, all in-house – our team will hold your hand throughout developing a digital strategy, planning for your shoot day, all the way through to the revision and approval process. It means we can get your content in front of your customers ASAP.

Trusted by local and national brands.

With over 3000 videos for 350 local businesses and counting, we’re Newcastle and The Hunter’s leading video marketing agency.

Over the last 8 years we’ve helped our clients level up with video marketing by:

  • Maximising ROI by 66%
  • Scaling up website conversions by 80%
  • Outperforming static content by 500%
  • Increasing future customers’ understanding of their products and services by 94%
the content.
Crisp, relevant, targeted, and authentic; our content is crafted with much more than visual appeal in mind— it’s scroll-stopping.

Connect with your audience and portray your story visually. By using Newcastle’s leading video marketing agency, your business will be the centre of attention and the talk of the town.

Volkswagen T-Roc


As part of the 'workcation' campaign, Alloggio aimed to attract three distinct segments: young couples, young families, and groups of friends, by

Lake Mac Tourism

Lake Mac Tourism intended to promote Lake Macquarie as an attractive destination, targeting families and couples above 55, primarily in Sydney.


Rarekind wanted to showcase their vibrant company culture during a Sydney team event, targeting potential recruits.

McDonald Jones Homes

McDonald Jones Homes wanted to highlight their product range and also provide an inside look into their team's expertise and passion.


Buildcert was gearing up for a brand revamp, celebrating a decade in business, and participating in the HIA awards.


Ampcontrol aimed to elevate their recruitment strategy, not just by filling positions but by attracting top talent who align with their vision.

Newcastle Jets

Newcastle Jets were launching their new uniforms for the season and wanted a unique reveal that would engage and excite fans.


After their brand refresh in 2021, Colourworks, an already long-standing industry leader, approached us to communicate their services more effectively to their


Fisheye’s long-standing relationship with a number of government departments spanning Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, the Greater Hunter, Sydney, and ACT allows us to be at the helm of council and government protocol and logistics, anticipating your comms needs.


We specialise in content that connects and partner with our clients to transform their stories into communication assets that deliver on their investment time and time again, deepening the relationship between company and consumer and bringing brand, corporate comms, creative, and digital marketing together.


Storytellers at heart our team will partner with yours as we transform your ‘why’ and value preposition into unique strategies with the beating heart— video at their core.


At Fisheye we bypass the unnecessary bureaucracy that can complicate and draw-out the production process. Our full-service model plugs straight into your business, organically extracting the essential ingredients for content that connects (and converts).


Scroll-stoping content that cuts-through no matter the audience is what we live for at Fisheye. Whether you’re starting up, scaling up, or in the midst of going public, we make your goal our goal and use video to propel you there.


With targeted messaging and our signature filming style, fine tuned to evoke emotional connection, we’ll bring the set to your site creating videos that bridge the gap between craft and client.

Video content triggers an almost instant emotional response, it builds community, and allows you to deliver a feeling wrapped in your business/brands key messaging points and voice.

Consumers prefer to learn about a new product or service through video because it’s easy to digest, entertaining, and engaging, and marketers like it because it can provide a huge return on investment (ROI) through various channels.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, just take a look at the stats:

  • 90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision.
  • scale up your website conversion by 80%
  • outperform still content by 5x
  • increase user understanding of products/services by 94%

We always recommend starting with a clear picture of what outcome you want to achieve
and relating that back to the video that will have the biggest impact on your business. For example, if you are trying to build brand awareness and clearly communicate your business’s value proposition — a brand story video is perfect for that. Now if you wanted to provide social proof of your services you could opt for a testimonial video or If you’re looking to launch a new product or service, an explainer video or case study might just do the trick.

This same way of thinking can be applied for internal goals and outcomes such as recruitment and onboarding. Today, video is a holistic business approach, meaning video content should be produced by all teams in a conversational, actionable, and measurable way.

The short answer however is simple — get in touch!

Our projects generally start at $2K and much like your story, our pricing is unique to you and is based on the scope of your project (ie. number of deliverables, location, post-production treatment, etc.).

As your makers and marketers our role is to align your business goals with the content pieces that will bring you the most value, sustained relevance, and reach — the best bang for your budget.

At Fisheye we’re a full-service video marketing agency, built of in-house creative visionaries with marketing mindsets. We work collaboratively with our clients to provide unique strategies with the beating heart — video at their core.

Why video; well because it’s our passion, it works, and for the simple fact that video is no longer just one piece of a business’s overall marketing plan, it’s the centre cog, central to your outreach and campaign efforts, and not to mention essential to any social strategy.

Whether you’re working with us on a project basis or keen to go all in with one of our fisheye-flex retainer models, one thing is certain, you’ll have a team of practitioners by your side every step of the way. From audience discovery and content planning, to production, post, strategic distribution and paid ad strategy, marketing your business is our business.

At Fisheye we provide a full end-to-end video service, helping you bring your idea to life from the ideation stages through to its post-production treatment and delivery.

Although every project will have an approach unique to its requirements, generally engaging our video services will entail:

Ideation and narrative development.
This is where we deep dive into your project, the messaging and intent behind it. Fuelled by coffee and great ideas, as a team we define the look and feel, crafting a solid narrative that provides your clients with value in an approachable and engaging manner. This will form the back-bone of your vision and where interview prompts and/or scripting will derive from. At this stage you’ll be meet one of our production power-houses who will be your dedicated point of contact every step of the way.

We’ll provide you with a complete agency approach, meaning you’ll spend less time streamlining the details and have more time to focus on the bigger picture. From shot lists, location scouting, and talent casting to call sheets and everything in between, we’ll ensure a smooth process on and off set.

No two shoot days are ever alike, however we can guarantee a few things:

  • Your shoot schedule will be completely outlined for you ahead of the date in the form of a call sheet. This will be sent across to all parties involved pinpointing contact details, locations, and what is being filmed with who and when.
  • Your production team will provide you and your team with all the guidance you need to ensure you feel comfortable and confident on-camera.
  • We’ll keep it light and fun on-set.

This is where the magic happens. We ensure the footage is crisp and messaging is clear, leaving your audience blown away and content purpose-produced to convert. We have all your bases covered in-house, we’re talking sound design, colour grading, VFX, and a killer licensed music track. The result is an end product that not only tells a story, but also captivates viewers in the process.

We’re an agile team, comfortable with even the quickest of turnarounds. We know the importance of meeting project timelines and can work a schedule to suit your needs. As a general rule of thumb we ensure all videos are digitally delivered within 5-10-business days of wrapping production.

Video is obviously the beating heart of our agency. In fact, we don’t believe digital marketing should exist without it.
But we’re not just a one trick pony… or should we say fish? From discovering your ideal customer, uncovering their purchasing journey, setting up and running paid advertising to reach those customers, and guiding you on your organic strategy, we offer a complete suite of marketing services to take your future customers from stranger to raving fanatic.

Audience Discovery & Journey Mapping

Content Creation

Paid Ads Setup & Management

Custom Monthly Reporting

If your customers exist on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, or Youtube, we guarantee our content, paired with the paid ads we create and run on your behalf will take your relationship with your target audience to the next level.

how we can work together.

Your business’s goals form the foundation of what we do. From video production and content marketing campaigns to digital marketing strategies the common thread is our content is results-driven — it’s by design.

1/ video production.


Perfect for businesses looking to communicate with their audience through the most engaging media — video.

  • content development
  • dedicated project manager
  • scroll-stopping video content

2/ content marketing campaign.


Ideal for businesses that want a deeper understanding of their ideal client — how they think and interact with your products/ services and are looking for a full content plan and campaign to attract and engage them with.

  • audience discovery workshop
  • 6-month content plan
  • dedicated project manager
  • content development
  • cut-through video content package
  • still photography package
  • social media curation and custom template package

3/ digital marketing strategy.


The ultimate plan for businesses looking to take their digital presence to the next level; this 12-month relationship hones in on your target market so you never need to cast a wide net again.

  • content development
  • goal alignment session
  • audience discovery workshop
  • quarterly content development sessions
  • dedicated campaign manager
  • dedicated production manager
  • monthly video content production
  • monthly still photography package
  • social media curation and custom template package
take action.
your clients can’t wait to watch your story unfold. we can’t wait to tell it.
From ambitious start ups and scale-ups to industry leaders, government bodies, and beloved local business, we work with the innovators, the masters, and disruptors — the ones that won’t and can’t be ignored.



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