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We are a strategic thinking video agency with a passion for storytelling.

We're with you every step of the way, helping you grow and sustain your business with content and digital strategy that cuts through the noise and connects with your customer.

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an agency approach.

We take a deep dive into your business to discover what gets your audience ticking.

Fuelled by coffee and great ideas, as a team we craft a solid narrative with messaging that cuts through and connects with your audience.

video with results.

Creating a video marketing strategy is like strapping a supercharger to your business.


With any business investment, understanding how to track and prove your results is imperative. That's why we give you the right tools so you know your video is going to work for you, not the other way around. Read more.


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video grows businesses.

Video Production Newcastle & Hunter Valley

At Fisheye Creative, we are passionate about realising what is possible as video continues to grow as your preferred (and most engaging) media of choice. We are the most trusted Newcastle Video Company, offering creative storytelling solutions through video and content generation. 

We are a team of experienced, knowledgeable and experienced creative thinkers and go getters. Our small team consists of film making specialists, designers, editors and producers. The team is small enough to care but large enough to deliver. This forward, creative thinking is reflected in our production quality and level of expertise.

Video Production Company Based In Newcastle

Video content is continually growing in popularity and performance. Whether your digital strategy is SEO based, through Social Media or Television, everyone knows that content is king in the world of marketing. Video content and video productions can captivate a target audience and truly communicate to them – on a personalised level. Video content is now a fundamental part of our everyday life – from our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) to local TV stations, news websites, music streaming services, e-mail marketing, newsletters and more.

The demand for video content in the world is at an all time high. The growth of the market reflects this, with a growth of over 78% in video content marketing since 2015. Around 82% of your customers will engage with video content (whether it is in their newsfeed or on their television) but only 20% will read a piece of textualised content. It is estimated that the average consumer will watch approximately 100 minutes of online videos each day in 2021.

Video has the unique capability to compel your audience to develop awareness and a connection with you through a visual journey – a discovery of your brand. Creating a quality online video is an art-form in itself – it may seem logical for you to make your own videos in house, however it’s extremely difficult to get the correct results without employing film making and video production experts.

Why Filming Your Brands Message Is So Important?

Video is a way to connect with your audience and to portray your story visually. By using Newcastle’s leading film production company, your business will be the center of attention and the talk of the town. Taking your idea to reality requires careful, strategic planning. Fisheye Creative are experts to delving deep into your brand to create a unique brand message and accurate portrayal of your business through video. From a script made of a simple pages to a visual masterpiece requires extraordinary talent. The business that you have worked so hard in building must be portrayed in a way to to influence viewers towards the psychological goal. This goal is always to create desire, demand and anticipation.

For the Fisheye Creative team, the film quality and tale of the end result is as important and as rewarding for us. We’re enthusiastic about gathering ideas through the influential combination of creativity and digital media – which dominate our modern society.

Fisheye Creative offers results that no other local Newcastle Film Production company do. Our young and dynamic team is flexible, collaborative, results driven and highly experienced. We have worked across a number of industries including (but not limited to): real estate videography, hospitality, car sales, fashion, trades and more.

We are set ourselves apart from other film production companies you’ve come across, because we are as enthusiastic about taking your story directly to the consumer as you are. Our aim at Fisheye Creative is to be an extension of your team.

If you are serious about turning a vision into a reality, you need to collaborate with a local partner who understands your industry, is locally based and shares your vision. At Fisheye Creative, we prosper on understanding the people, the message and the strategy behind a film.

Newcastle’s #1 Video Production Company Delivering Strategically Driven Results

Film and videography should captivate the target audience; it should communicate, connect and speak to them. Achieving and mastering this level of an engaging yet delightful visual experience requires specialised expertise and industry leaders. We're with you every step of the way, helping you grow and sustain your business with content that cuts through the noise and connects with your customer. We're with you every step of the way, helping you grow and sustain your business with content that cuts through the noise and connects with your customer.

With a prominence on strategic results and a realistic ROI, we are a video agency with a passion for storytelling with results. Fisheye Creative are your perfect video production partner in Newcastle. In a short time, we have built a formidable reputation as one of the leading video production companies the Hunter Valley region has to offer.

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